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Cardo BK1-DUO

Review: Cardo BK1-DUO

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We Liked

We were impressed during our first test run with the Cardo. We took the system to one of our most notoriously windy and traffic laden locales and were surprised at how easily we could hear each other. The range of the BK-1 DUO held it's own as we frequently stayed long distances apart to detect the range. Rarely did the BK-1 system start to break up, and when it did, it was usually due to a tall building or other structure that the lead person had moved behind.

  • able to hear clearly even though the speakers and mic are not directly up against the mouth or ears
  • can still hear the ambient noise/traffic while wearing the device
  • flexible arms on both the earpiece allow for personal comfort adjustment . flexible mic boom places mic exactly where you want it
  • noise cancelation - no white noise as with other devices
  • easily removable so that the rider can be race compliant
  • can use one or two earpieces for flexibility in your jurisdiction (eg. where illegal to have both ears with headphones)
  • can voice dial the phone
  • easily cuts over to incoming call/intercom


  • great rides with your training buddy
  • great for coaches that are riding with or monitoring their athletes; can provide course simulation instruction or correction to techniques being taught
  • great for group ride leaders that are monitoring the group
  • great for race preparation when pre-riding the course

We Didn't Like

With the additional boom microphone and earpiece attachments installed in your helmet, be forewarned that the circumference of the helmet will fit a bit snugger. If your helmet is tight to begin with, installation will make it even tighter as it takes up room on the back sides of the helmet. If you have a helmet with an internal adjustable retention system, this may not be a big issue unless you are at the end of the adjustment span. If you are shopping for helmets and plan on using this system, consider going up a size for comfort, especially if you plan on wearing a skull cap or balaclava with the DUO installed. One of our reviewers also noted that the top velcro mounting mechanism also takes up helmet volume. We recommend experimenting with mounting methods to find out which one works best for you

Another thing we quickly learned is that it is very easy to forget that you have the device turned on. Unless you are looking in the mirror and see the intermittent blue flashing lights on the top of your helmet, you can easily forget that the device is active, and before you know it, you can hear your partner in the restroom, talking to themselves or other conversations that they are around. Fortunately, Cardo Systems has included a "Mute" option for just these instances!

The Final Say

Do you have a buddy, partner or athlete that you need or want to communicate with when you are riding, training or teaching? This is a really helpful and useful tool. Basically, with this system you don't have to yell anymore to be heard. You don't have to turn your head to hear and you don't have to be right on their wheel to communicate with them. The coaching application to this is awesome! You can now ride behind your athlete and calmly talk them through the steps to ride the course the correct way. Tell them about what is coming up and how to prep for it. Are you at a different level than your buddy? You cant loose each other and you can tell him about the horseback rider that is on the way up the trail before they see it. Very useful, high quality tool for jsut about anyone that likes to ride with friends and teach.

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