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Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream

Review: Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream

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We Liked

There are multiple uses for Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream. I have used it as my primary chamois cream for 4 weeks now and it works excellent when applied directly to the skin. One issue with my skin I have had for the last year has been an irritation were my HR monitor strap contacts my chest. This is causing a rash that was not going away even with topical and oral steroids. Since using Blue Steel Sport Anti Chafe cream the problem has almost completely disappeared. I have been getting better results by using the cream before and after training to soothe and calm my skin. I thought to myself if it will take care of this lets see how it works on other rough problem areas. Lets face it our feet take a beating evey day. So I started using it on my feet, especially the heels. Over the next 4 weeks of use my heels have gotten noticeably smother and softer. Blue Steel does seem to have more tea tree oil in it compared to other chamois creams out there on the market as the pleasant smell of tea tree oil is any kind of indicator. Tea tree oil when applied topically, has antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that keeps skin naturally healthy, I have used it on minor road/turf rash the scraps do seem to heal faster compared to the ones I did not treat right after.

[ Editor's note: The Blue Steel Anti-Chafe Cream is my"go to" chamois cream.As a cyclist that tends to get more than her fair share of saddle sores, I have observed first hand how quickly the Blue Steel AC cream stops saddle sores in their tracks. The Tea Tree oil speeds up thehealing time, getting you back in the saddle even faster! - Inge ]

We Didn't Like

Nothing at all. Should be named Blue Steel Sports Do It All Super Skin Cream.

The Final Say

If there is one cream you should have in your cycling or sports bag Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream should be it. It has multiple uses for the active athlete. Its good for your skin before and after exercise where skin rubs skin, clothing or gear. Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream does feel better and lasts longer as chamois cream than other brands that I have used so far.

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