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Action Wipes

Review: Action Wipes

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We Liked

Convenience available in singles or 30 count multi pack

Good man sized wet wipes

Clean refreshing scent – no heavy perfumes or baby wipe smell

Very durable – rinse – reuse – repurpose

Natural or naturally derived ingredients

Face it riding and racing bikes sure is fun sometime getting dirty and smelly is part of that fun. Most of us don’t have the luxury of getting that shower in after every ride especially when stealing a ride before work or on a lunch hour. Maybe you are out for a ride with some friends and drinks are on the agenda for after, no time to shower now those beers are getting warm. After rides are also great times to share your ride tales that doesn’t mean the tale should be told in smell-a-vision, you never know who else might be there. That is where Action Wipes comes in. Action Wipes are not to be confused with ordinary baby wet wipes or moist towelette . As it is stated on the Action Wipes web site “Your Face Is Not A Baby’s Butt, Don’t Wipe It Like One”.

First off you will notice about Action Wipes is the clean refreshing scent that is not from added fragrances but from the essential oils in Action Wipes that have antibacterial and antiseptic properties, so they are also great for minor scrapes and even for treating saddle sores. Action Wipes are big too, one wipe will do a good cleaning starting from your face down your neck arms and pits and so forth. Action wipes are durable and designed to be reused just rinse out and recharge with Action Wipes Sport Spray for more info on that check out the separate review to follow. Action Wipes are durable enough to be washed several times, after using a wipe three or so times I use them to clean up my bikes, dusting furniture, cleaning my shoes as I do like to get as much use out of any product as possible the uses are endless.

My story about Action Wipes starts a week before going on a fall Moab trip. I decided that I was only going to clean up using only action wipes for 14 days using one new Action Wipe every day recharging with the Sport Spray after a rinse with the finally being 4 days of riding hard 4-5hrs each day in dry dusty conditions. I lead a fairly active life besides riding 3-6 days a week I do martial arts, strength training and run a business that requires daily manual labor as well. Would Action Wipes be up to the challenge? I remember telling Martha Van Inwegen Creator in Chief at Action Wipes of my plan she said that’s a long time but we have had an Arctic Explorer go 3 months using Action Wipes.

Before the drive out I gave everyone that was along for the trip a bunch of Action Wipes to use and told everyone there I have only been using Action Wipes to clean up for the last nine days and the trip was the last stage of my extreme testing of the product. As you would expect there were some weird looks and sure no one at that moment wanted to sit next to me for the 5 hours drive, let alone be in the same tent while on the trip. I convinced everyone to give me a smell and give me ratings from 1 being daisy fresh to 10 throw me out with the trash. Average score when leaving was 2.8 from a mix of 4 guys and 2 gals and that was on day 9 of my test. Over the course of the trip I used action wipes in the AM when waking, after rides and a quick wipe down before bed. Each day I asked everyone rate my level of funk as they did before we left. Being my friends I asked them to be brutally honest, I figured they would since I was the one consistently pushing the pace and a little responsible for the pain cave each was in one time or another. The worst average rating I received was a 6 on day 12 of 14. Even better the last evening we were out having food and beers at Eddie’s two ladies I was talking with complemented me on how good I smelled “clean but manly” best thing I had been called in a long time. I do admit after I wiped down I gave myself a couple good sprays of the Action Wipes Sports Spray for good measure before we all went out, mind you I had not showered for 13 days at this point.

I now keep a supply of Action Wipes in my bike gear bag, saddlebag, hydro pack, boarding gear bag, my car glove box and work van anytime I want or need to feel clean refreshed and soothed I grab a convenient Action Wipe.

We Didn't Like

I can't think of a single thing.

The Final Say

Forget about baby wipes Action Wipes are made for any situation you and your active lifestyle can dish out. With natural ingredients that do not leave your skin feeling sticky just clean refreshed and soothed. Action Wipes and Sport Spray are available online and in retail outlets in singles and now in a 30-count dispenser. Environmentally and economically friendly, Action Wipes are designed to be used, reused and repurposed and can be machine-washed several times. Life is an action sport Action Wipes will keep you in the game go out and get some!

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