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38 Twentyfour DB clincher

Review: 38 Twentyfour DB clincher

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We Liked

In cyclocross certain things matter and wheels can make a big difference in your performance. So what are the things that we look for in a great wheel here at crossbikereview.com? We look at the over all weight of the wheels, Rim material, Rim Depth, Rim Width, Spoke type and count. Finally we move on to breaking performance. With all that being said Profile design has come out with a disc brake wheel set that is crossing over ( no pun intended) from the endurance road market to the cyclocross playground. The 38 Twentyfour is a nice little wheel package. Now I want to say that its hard to say a wheel is perfect unless you have unlimited disposable income. 99% of us do not fall into that category so even though these or no wheel is perfect the 38 Twentyfour scores high in a lot of areas. The biggest one is the weight to price ratio. The 38 Twentyfour wheels are pretty light for a disc wheel. Coming in at a fatherly 1438 grams means that these babies are easy to spin up. That is a big deal if you have 20 turns to accelerate out of each lap in a cross race. At under $2k these wheel are not cheap but other disc wheels in this weight category cost about $500 or more.

We Didn't Like

So the wheels are all in all really pretty good. Would we change anything on them. Yes. The inside of the rim is 17 and we would make that just a little bit wider so we could have a bigger footprint for the tires. And we all know that wider is faster... Even on the road..

The Final Say

The wheel market is really competitive and there are not a lot of disc wheels on the market that are for cyclocrossand road bikes. Now that the Disc road market is growing more and more companies are making aero disc wheels. Profile has a long history of making aero wheels. They have like many others entered the Disc road/ cross market. And what a way to enter the market but with the lightest clincher wheel set. The only wheels that we could find that were lighter were tubular. And that is only looking at the wheels from a purely weight stand point. If we look at the other side of the coin so to speak. The wheels are a pretty good bargain at $1900.00 most if not all of the competition is in the $2,000+ range. So These wheels are a good deal. The only thing that we would change about them is that we would make the rims a little wider. Otherwise they are a solid performer. They are light and they spin up really well. We didn't notice really any flex in them under braking and hard turning. Even thought they are $1,900 they are $600 less than most of the other wheels on the market in the same weight category.

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