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VERGE Elite Base layer

Review: VERGE Elite Base layer

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We Liked

Just like the Belgians, Verge has been in the cyclocross game for a long time. Verge knows cyclocross, better than "Bo Knows Football". The guys at Verge race cyclocross and so all of their gear is tested and designed with that in mind. The Elite Short Sleeve Base Layer offers a nice fit with flat seams. The fabric is soft to the touch but is also durable. I have had issue with many of the base layers available on the market. Most of the time the garment bunches up, is too big, or doesn't fit properly because of it's cut. Nothing like that here. The Elite is good in the fit and comfort department. The price of this garment is awesome as well. When you have base layers that are going for $50-60, the Elite is much more cost effective option. We recommend checking Verge frequently, as they often have sales to stretch your dollar even further.

We Didn't Like

Verge needs to sell the Elite Base Layer in a double pack. Also, we would like to see an Elite model with a wind blocker front panel.

The Final Say

If you race cyclocross, you absolutely need to have a stockpile of base layers. The Elite Short Sleeve Base Layer is a excellent garment for the money. The Elite looks and works just like the more expensive models, but doesn't cost as much as a new cross bike. Buy a few and they will keep you comfy and warm throughout the season.

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