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VERGE BC Membrane

Review: VERGE BC Membrane

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We Liked

This base layer is super soft and will quickly become one of your favorites for when the weather turns unpleasant. The biggest thing that we like about this base layer is its chest wind and water blocker. It does not look like it has this features but on closer inspection you will find that it does.. Secondly where can you find a base layer with carbon fabric that does temperature control? And where can you get a base layer with these features at this price? Nowhere! And if you get your team to get some you can get a volume discount. Either way it fits light a second skin so when we wore it under out skin suit it was just right and not bulky.

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

The Czech republic is the home for VERGE Sport and they have some pretty nasty winter weather there so they know winter. This new base layer from our former WARSAW neighbors is just the ticket for cyclocross or winter training. The BC membrane base layer is light weight but surprisingly warm and super super soft. Then if you add in the wind/water barrier and the sliding price for volume its Ralph Lauren meets Sam's club! This will quickly become a favorite in your bag and you will probably end up buying more than one because you will want to wear it all of the time.. Nice job VERGE.

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