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TwinSix Greaser Socks

Review: TwinSix Greaser Socks

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We Liked

The checkered graphics and "6" design work well for this sock. These wool socks are made by the SockGuy and are super soft but not super thin. The Greaser socks are extremely comfortable and easy to care for! For a wool sock, it's very cool to be able to toss them in the wash and dry as normal. Made from 6 inch winter weight wool, what's not to love about these feet mittens!

We Didn't Like

Twin Six needs to sell the Greaser socks in a 3-pack! They are like potato chips... you can't just have one.

The Final Say

Wool is a great material for socks, especially if your are a cyclocross racer or you ride in the Fall and Winter. The bottom line is that we absolutely love these socks and are sure that you will too! If you buy just one pair you will soon be back for more. The Greaser definitely makes the cut for our holiday shopping list!

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