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We Liked

We got this base layer several months back, as in October 2011. In that time we have worn it in just about every kind of conditions. racing, training , camping fishing, running and lifting weights. Living in the pacific NW takes some getting use to unless your really into cross then your loving the weather evey day. There are a few things that you absolutely need when you are living here in Portland. The first one is good rain gear and the second is good base layers. This base layer by Pearl Izumi is first rate and has held up very well over the cross season. The Transfer Zip neck long sleeve base layer is made from their PRO Transfer lite fabric with Minerale. If you are familiar with the PRO line at Pearl Izumi then you know that its top notch in quality and construction, and this base layer is exactly that. Pearl Izumi makes this item with out the 8" zipper but i feel that this adds to the garments versatility and extends its life not only in Activities but in seasons as well. Plus you get SPF 30 with this base layer.

Here are the Key features of this top of the line base layer.

* P.R.O. Transfer Lite fabric with Minerale™ provides optimal moisture transfer, dry time and odor absorbance * 8" zipper for venting * Collar tapers from front to back * UPF 30+ Sun Protection * Tuckable-length drop tail * Anatomic 'close-to-body' fit * Three season versatility

We Didn't Like

Nothing functionally, but maybe a few more colors? We would wear it out. So maybe a navy or grey color would be nice.

The Final Say

So when you are looking to pack your bag for the season this should be one of the items in it. Pearl Izumi has been around for a long time and has been making some really great stuff. This is no exception to what they have been doing for years. The Pearl Izumi Transfer zip Neck base layer is a great piece and we are probably going to go out and get a few more for our very own. Remember, the base layer will wick moisture away from your skin and transfer it to the surface. It should keep you dry and warm when you are turning yourself inside out in the throws of the race with your fellow bog trotters. Don't underestimate how important thermo regulation is in a race or when your training. See you in the mud! Hup hup!

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