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Reef LS Jersey

Review: Reef LS Jersey

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We Liked

Santini has made a race rain jersey and it’s a welcome piece in a niche product market. Rain jackets tend to be not very breathable and very very not aerodynamic. Plus you can't see your jersey or sponsors when you wear one. The Reef jersey is a blank canvas that you can have your favorite sponsors printed in white on it. Or wear your jersey over it. The Reef jersey has lots of features that will make you happy that you bought it. Here are a few..

  • Fit
  • Function
  • breathability
  • Waterproofness
  • Reflectivity
  • Cuffs
  • Pockets
  • Style
  • Printable.

We Didn't Like

We would like to see this item in other base colors like blue, yellow or red.  The jeryse is very breathable and very water resistant but not water proof.  For us to call it water proof the seams would need to be taped.

The Final Say

So a few years ago Castelli came out with the Gaba jersey and it was an instant hit in the pro peloton. It was then that the rain race jersey was born. It’s not a rain jacket but it’s not a regular jersey. Teams were buying them up and or having Castelli make them without the logo. It’s a Sponsorship thing you know. So other companies took notice and followed suit. The Reef Long Sleeve jersey by Santini is a full on race rain jersey. This jersey is waterproof and breathable. Its also very aero, so make sure you're near your race weight when you get this jersey. If you race in any and all weather this is something that you will want in your race bag. When it’s early cyclocross season and it’s cold and raining this will mean all the difference between racing and surving off the back.  Check out how the reef jersy came to be in this Video.

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