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Pioggia 3 Shoe Cover

Review: Pioggia 3 Shoe Cover

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We Liked

Last year we reviewed the Piogga 2 shoe cover and now we get our hands on the improved version the Piogga 3 shoe cover. Castelli listed to the feedback that they got from consumers and made an effort to improve upon their existing piogga shoe cover platform. I love the base platform that the Piogga has and I was really excited to see that they had made some upgrades to it.

One of the first things that they did was make the Piogga 3 come up higher on the leg. This is a good thing becuause water usually will enter a shoe bootie from the top. It hits the leg and runs down the shin. So if your rain pant is not long enough OR your rain bootie is not tall enough you will be exposed at the shin and the water will be forced by gravity and get past your rain bootie. Once it hits your sock its all over. The capillarity effect will happen and the water will be drawn all the way down. The increased the height of the Piogga 3 by 3 inches which is a 20% increase over the Piogga 2. This is much better than the Piogga 2.

Castelli also got rid of the closure system from the Piogga 2 for a more traditional water proof zipper with out the velcro closure at the top. They also replaced the top of the bootie with their nano fabric in an effort to give more of a water proof seal.

In addition they also increased the quality of the fabric overall and gave it a more robust construction and waterproofing by adding waterproof taping on the seams on the front with reflective tape as well. All of these are nice touches.

We Didn't Like

No silicone seals at the top.

Nano fabric was a disappointment not as water proof as they say. The nano tech fabric is highly water resistant as we found out with the nano bib knickers. What we found out was that constant water splashing on this part pushes the water through and that fabric is right over the sock. Water hits the sock and Ka-Pow the capillary effect happens and your feet are wet. We think that a better choice for this top would be a 1-.5 mil Neoprene with multiple silicone bands on the inside to help seal out the water from the top.

Even though the toe is reinforced we would like to see a tougher material used on the toe as ours didn't really stand up that well and was torn in a couple of weeks.

Keep in mind that Castelli is Italian and they tend to run smaller than American sizing. This is also the case with the shoe covers. We normally take a large in a shoe cover. We wear a 45 in a SIDI and the Large in Piogga 3 was too tight and caused the fabric to tear in some spots. se we ended up going with the XL and have not had any problems with them.

The Final Say

Castelli is a great company because of a few things. First and formost their customer service is world class. If you have a problem they take it back and replace it. when I got to take a tour of the Portland OR USA facility the Presidnet of Castelli USA Greg Cowan explained to me how commited they are to this. Castelli also takes great pride in their products so that is why they offer this. Greg took me over to the returns boxes. There was not a lot of stuff in them. Just a hand ful of some blems. Thats it! The other reason is that Castelli is constantly striving to improve their products and not just rebranding or renaming last years stuff. The Piogga 3 is a great shoe cover and just keep in mind that we have yet to find a rain bootie that will seal out the water totally. The Piogga 3 does a great job. Especially if you use it with fenders or rain pants. Its aero, looks cool and does a good job not only in the wet but also in the cold. I would recommend that you try them on first. I wear a 45 shoe and the large was too small and that put some stress on the shoe cover. Bottom line the Piogga 3 is a improvement over the 2. This shoe cover is not only aero but its pretty tough and euro looking. Its a great performing winter shoe cover and you wont be dissapointed in it.

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