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NW Ghost XC MTB Shoe

Review: NW Ghost XC MTB Shoe

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We Liked

What we liked Many of you may or may not be familiar with Northwave. They are a company out of italy and mainly specialize in cycling shoes. They also do clothing but they are mainly known for their cycling and Moto boots. So we got a pair and here is what is cool about these shoes.

• Hyperlight XC sole made of 100% unidirectional carbon with a stiffness index of 14.0 for top power transfer • 28% more abrasion resistant than TPU, the Michelin rubber inserts with dual-layer compound technology provide excellent grip with minimum weight • Made with Xframe® patented construction and ultralight next generation materials that are only 0.5 mm thick, the upper transfers every watt of power and provides the snuggest, even fit with no pressure points • Highly abrasion-resistant rubber reinforcements ensure 360° protection along the entire upper • SLW2 dial, the only one with step-by-step and full release in a single button • Integrated heel system containing directional fibre prevents any slipping • Includes two footbeds with a stiffened dual density design: Pro Regular Fit and Pro Slim Fit which features an extra 2 mm toe insert for narrow feet • Ultralight at just 330 g!  

We Didn't Like

It’s a little too HV ( High Volume) for us.  Once when had gotten the shoe on us and had tighten eveything up as much as we could we were felt that the shoe was still a little too roomy for us. The SLW2 closer dial is small and it’s difficult to get our hands on it to really tighten it down. With that being said we also had a really hard time releasing the SLW2 dial as well. The release mechanism would stick on us every time we tried to get out of the shoe. There is also a lot of friction at every contact point that the cable runs along. It’s a really cool idea but I think it would work better with a dual dial system. Hard to get foot in and out of shoe,  

The Final Say

The things that connect you to the bike are very important and this is especially true if you are going to be on the bike for a long time or in bad conditions. If your feet are not happy then your not happy.The Northwave Ghost XCM shoes are very lightweight and will give you the ability to transfer all of your power into the drive train. The material that the Ghost XCM is made out of will give you years of wear and with the rubber armor all the way around the shoe you get plenty of protection from rocks and trees. If you are never in a hurry to get out of the shoe then you will not get frustrated when your trying to get out of the shoes. For us we like the concept of the lacing system and the boa style closer. However, we felt that there is a little bit too much resistance either in the material or the path that the lace has to take to really be as effective as it could be. Then if you couple that with the small knob for tightening the lace it was difficult to get the shoe as tight as we wanted it. So if you have a HV foot then the Ghost XCM could be the ticket especially since there are only a couple of options available for HV cycling shoes. You will definitely get noticed when wearing the Ghost XCM shoes as the High Vis colors stand out against the asphalt and all of the earth tones of cyclocross.  

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