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We Liked

In the world of cyclocross the sport demands specialized clothing. Thermoregulation is very important because of te weather conditions that the racers have to compete in. Warming up you need warm waterproof clothing and sometimes you just need warm clothing. The problem is not warming up its staying warm at on the starting grid. You see you can sit there for 5 to 10 minutes for staging.

The Cuore Thermal warm up tights offers a solution to this problem. Their thermal tights are made with a light roubaix fabric with full zippers that allow you to take them off in 15 seconds. So with one minute you can very easily get them off and throw them to your team make on the side. The Roubaix fabric is soft with a 4 way stretch that is very comfortable and will protect you with a temperature range of 42 and up.  

We Didn't Like

There is no connection between the front of the tights and the back half of the tights. So this means that they will be loose around your waist.

We would like locking zippers not just on the bottom but on the top as well. The reason that we want that is because the top zippers tend to want to unzip on their own.

The tights didn't have any rubber or silicone gripper on the waist in the back to help keep the tights up and in place.  

The Final Say

Let's face it cyclocross is difficult enough as it is with training, all of the different types of gear that you need and not to mention the weather. Sitting on the start line waiting when it's 55 outside is no big deal. Taking off a jacket with 1 min to go is no big deal. Its when its below 55 and it's raining outside and your there for 15 min while everyone is being staged up in the grid that sucks. You need a pair of warm up pants that you can zip off quickly. The cuore pants offers you that option at a fairly reasonable price for about $100 USD. We got a pair in and tried them out for a bit. The fabric is soft and warm but its not wind or water proof. The zippers on the top work really good and maybe a little too good as they wanted to partially unzip while riding. We felt a draft on our lower back because there was no silicone on the waist to keep them up. They are a nice quality tight but we found them a little lacking in features that are needed for cyclocross.  

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