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Louis Garneau SF-2 PLASTRON

Review: Louis Garneau SF-2 PLASTRON

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We Liked

  • Soft Comfortable feel of the Supra Filo 2 fabric
  • Great Moisture Wicking
  • Wind barrier front
  • Great functionality

The Louis Garneau SF-2 Plastron is a great choice for a cool to cold weather base layer just like it’s big brother the LS version reviewed earlier. The SF-2 Plastron is the sleeveless version I find more flexible for it’s uses as sometimes you never know what the weather will be like at a race that my be miles away and being so light and packable I now keep it at al times in my gear bag. The basic construction is just like the long sleeve version with Supra Filo 2 fabric feels very soft and comfortable against your skin and it wicks moisture extremely well keeping you warm and dry. The light WindDry 2 fabric covers the front shielding the wearer from wind and wetness were it is needed most. Since I now always have the SF-2 Plastron in my gear bag my ride partners have worn it more than I have, as they do not always have the right ride gear with them. When I hand it to them they just look at me and must be thinking how is this lightweight sleeveless shirt going to make any difference then I convince them to give it a try. After the ride I almost have to twist their arm to get it back and get a comment I’m getting one of those were can I get it?

We Didn't Like

Not a thing!

The Final Say

The Louis Garneau SF-2 Plastron is a great way stretch your cycling wardrobe functionality with one well designed item, making it a great value. With the SF-2 Plastron on you stay more comfortable because your warm dry and protected from the wind. The super soft feel of the Supra Filo 2 fabric with a layer of the ultra wind and waterproof Windry 2 fabric on the front works great not just cycling but for any cold weather activity you choose. Just like all Louis Garneau clothing the design, fit, construction especially the flat lock stitching and attention to detail is first rate. This winter and spring I will for sure be wearing the Louis Garneau SF-2 Plastron or SF-2 LS Plastron as my choice of base layer no matter my choice of my outdoor activities. You can get yours at

You can get your own at http://www.louisgarneau.com/ or to locate a Louis Garneau dealer near you.

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