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Lightness Glove

Review: Lightness Glove

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We Liked

Castelli has always been about quality and they are more so now than they have ever been. The Castelli Lightness glove is a great example of this commitment to quality. However I would also have to add in the word performance as well. This glove was Form fitting but it was not tight and that meant that when you move (articulate) you fingers you are unrestricted and have a great sense of freedom with this glove. Its almost like the glove is painted on your hand. Usually when a glove fits like this there is a trade off in performance. This would normally mean that the glove dose not offer as much protection from the elements as you would think. With the Castelli Lightness glove this is just the opposite. The glove offers much more warmth than other gloves that offer as much freedom of movement. This glove is warm and operates great in blocking out wind and cold. I would like to say that it does have a limit to how cold this glove should be worn to. The Castelli Lightness glove is a cool to mildly cold glove. But what a job it does in the 40 to 60 degree range.

Another thing that we like about the Castelli Lightness glove is the grippy palm. The entire palm is covered with a two tone white and grey silicone imprint of the Castelli logo and name. This makes for plenty of grip and allows the palm to be flexible at the same time.

We Didn't Like

Getting in the glove takes a little bit of work. This is due to its form fitting nature of the glove. Now, I feel I need to explain what I mean by this. You hand structurally is widest at the knuckles and tapers down at the wrist. The Castelli lightness glove is cut anatomically to fit the hand. That means your putting your fist (widest part of your hand) though the narrowest part of the glove and that is where I personally found resistance. After that no problem.

I would also like to see some grip put on the first two fingers and thumb of the glove. The grip that is on the palm is WONDERFUL .

The Final Say

The Castelli Lightness gloves rock and were quickly moved to the front of the line in our gear bag. We hate bulky gloves and love the articulation that these gloves offer. They are surprisingly warm and kept our hands and fingers warm on cool morning rides. At 30 bucks this glove easily performance as well as gloves that cost twice as much. That's right these gloves only cost $30.00! The nice thing that Castelli does is the glove comes with a temperature rating. This means that they tell you what temperature range this glove is for. This way if you know the temp you know what is the best glove to be wearing. Castelli does this on all of their garments. I only think that there are only a handful of companies that actually offer that. These gloves are worth the money, will give you that pro look and performance. I definitely recommend that you get a pair for your cyclocross and spring campaigns.

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