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IKON Off Road Shoe

Review: IKON Off Road Shoe

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We Liked

Finding the perfect cyclocross shoe has been a personal quest for me. I am looking for that shoe that is easy to run in, will protect me from the rain and rocks and looks good in the process. Part of the problem is that most or about 99% of the mtb shoes on the market has mesh on or around the toe area. Which is fine for mountain biking but not the best for cyclocross. Enter the Vittoria IKON off road shoe. I saw this shoe at Interbike and I immediately saw the potential it had as being the perfect shoe for cyclocross. So here is some of the things that make this such a great choice for cyclocross.

  • Vibram sole : If you are not familiar with the Vibram sole you are really missing out. The rubber is a medium harness so it grips like glue but wears like Iron. This is a super high quality sole that will last longer than the shoe itself. Vibram has been making soles for shoes for 75 years.
  • Carbon sole : Stiff for great power transfer, enough said.
  • Heel cup construction : The heel cup is a good feature because it conforms around your heel and Achilles tendon. Then Vittoria put this special fabric in the heel that is almost like Velcro and helps prevents sliding when running.
  • Synthetic uppers SST : This material will keep PETA from throwing red paint at you during the race but it will feel like leather and wears almost as good.
  • Closure system : Vittoria is using their own unique closure system that is a cross between a BOA and a the Sidi system. It is basically a boa with a lever and no pull unlocking system. Just turn one way to tighten or turn the other way to loosen.
  • Toe guard : Not many shoes come with a toe guard and in recent history there was a pro rider that broke his toe on a barrier.
  • Side protection : Why stop with the toe? Vittoria put that same protection on the side of the shoe so if you hit a tree or a rock your not going to slice your shoe or foot open.
  • No Mesh : The SST upper has small holes in it to help the foot get some air but its not full on AC like a mesh upper is. this will help keep the elements out and the heat in when it gets cold.
  • Orange and Camo : How cool are camo shoes!
  • Moldable insole : Do you have special feet that need to fit just right? You can heat mold the insoles for just that reason.

We Didn't Like

The price tag of $499.99 is kinda steep for me and most other people.

The Final Say

Vittoria has been making shoes for a little bit now and has a long history in cycling. The IKON is their top of the line MTB shoe and it shows. There are a ton a features that we like about this shoe that screams cyclocross. There is no mesh on the shoe to allow water easy access to the foot. The toe is plated with rubber armor to protect your valuable toes. The unique dual dial closures on each shoe allows for a great and precise fit each time. I was surprised that this Italian shoe company had such a generous fit. I would almost say that the shoe was a high volume shoe, Almost. Another unique feature of not only this shoe but to Vittoria is their own type of closure system. The system is unique in that it is a cross between a BOA and a Sidi closure system. It has a lever system like the Sidi but operates like a BOA but does not have a pull to unlock it to release it. Instead you just turn it back the opposite way. When you include Hot Fluro colors, a carbon sole and Vibram rubber grips you have a awesome cyclocross shoe. If you have wide feet you should take a serious look at this shoe as it is a very generous shoe. It was wide on me and I take a regular shoe. I know that there are only a hand full ofcompanies that make high volume shoes and even though the IKON shoe is not listed as a high volume shoe they are generous in their sizing. Either way its a top tier shoe.

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