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Giro Neo Rain Jacket

Review: Giro Neo Rain Jacket

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We Liked

LOVE the fabric... We got a taste of this fabric a while back with the review that we did on the Sugoi rain jacket earlier this year. So what is the big deal about this fabric? Well, its the choice of waterproofness of a hard shell or breathability of a soft shell fabric. The hard shell fabrics didn't have the same ability to vent water vapor from sweat as a soft shell. NeoShell® revolutionized waterproof breathability capabilities by lowering the internal pressure required for vapor to permeate the sub-micron membrane. This releases moisture more easily and keeps microclimates circulating with cool air faster than other protective materials, from Polartec website.. The waterproofness is said to be rated at 10,000 mm and that's pretty good for a rain jacket.

Sleeves are long enough.

Glowing red is awesome color.

Nice touch on the soft material the lines the collar, cuffs and hem of the jacket.

Rear pocket is the largest rear cargo ever. Basically the back of the jacket has a mesh back layer underneith the outter layer and that entire layer is the pocket. So you could stuff just about anything in that thing as long as it will fit through the pocket opening.

Drawstrings pull on the bottom hem.

Offset front zipper so it does not get your neck

Garage for the front main zipper had pockets are a nice touch will make this jacket home at the coffee shop rides or running errands off the bike.

We Didn't Like

No tail on this jacket! Back is not long enough. If you don't ride or your ride with upright bars its perfect but this won't protect your back side. In the drops you back side will be exposed and you might feel the chill or the wet.

Cuffs don't have closures on them and have limited elastic stretch. We found it difficult getting them over the cuffs of our gloves.

No reflectivity on the glowing red or the jet black. This is a really big pet peeve of mine. And I just don't understand why a company would make some thing the same color as the asphalt on a cold wet day with low visibility or even if you were riding at sun set? To me its Asphalt camouflage.

Zipper pulls on the back are too small to be used with gloves on and you will have to take your gloves off while you are riding to access the stuff in the back.

Regular zippers used on the front, and all of the pockets. So $350 dollars and no waterproof zippers?

The Final Say

So here were are at the final say. I want to start with the position of what this jacket is. The base material fabric of the Giro Neo rain jacket is first rate. Polartec has got a real winner on this one. The breathability and waterproofness works as claimed. The cut on the jacket is a departure from a traditional cycling rain jacket in that it has no tail and no reflectivity on it. If you are the guy that goes out regardless and is the poster child to dedication you will be disappointed because of a lack of some key features. Want to look cool on a quick trip to the coffee shop? Then this is the one for you. It is more in the style category and may be more in line with the hipsters taste. LOVE the orange! Thank you for doing that. But for $350 we were a little disappointed that we didn't get all of the bells and whistles that this could have been. But if your the coffee shop hipster ride hero then this jacket will make you very happy!

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