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Funkier Reflective Windbreaker Vest

Review: Funkier Reflective Windbreaker Vest

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We Liked

Funkier Bike is new to the US market but this does not mean they are upstarts with little experience producing quality cycling wear. Funkier Bike is a subsidiary of the Funkier fashion chain, based in Israel established in 1990. From the Funkier Bike web site “Funkier Bike's cycling apparel includes professional elements from the world of fashion - they look good and feel fantastic.” Check out Funkier Bike for more info.

First thing you will notice about the Funkier Wind Vest 1506 is the ultra lightweight and pack ability. The vest weighs 102g and I was able to pack it into a small saddlebag along with a spare tube, mini tool and co2 cartridge. With this vest there really is no reason not to be prepared when you have the need for a little more protection from wind/ cold and increased safety when training or commuting when the light is low. The stitching on the WV1506 is first rate. You can see how the experience from the fashion garment sector is carried over. At first glance it looks to be very delicate as the winstop fabric is so lightweight, I tugged and pulled on the vest seams very hard and nothing gives. Looking on the inside there are double flat seams, on the outside a single fine stitch is all that is a aperient.

There are several design features of Funkier WV1506 that are worth mentioning my favorite is the 54mm long zipper pull that when fully zipped up is shielded and kept down by a protective flap (known as a Garage) sewn into the collar so not to rub your neck. The winstop material as lightweight as it is does a great job of shielding the rider from the wind and was noticeable protection on a fast decent on Lookout Mountain when it was 40 degree’s in the sun. The arm and waist opening are trimmed with reflective lightweight elastic that does not restrict movement. Both of the zippers front and back are reflective. Even the mesh on the back is reflective! The mesh is not as highly reflective as the trim and zippers but it does shine when lights hit it. Very cool indeed. The whole vest packs into an attached small water resistant pouch inside the rear pocket. I’m looking forward to wearing and doing more reviews for Funkier Bike.

We Didn't Like

This is not really a problem or a dislike but a minor suggestion to add a loop on the back for a small clip-on safety light. We would also suggest using the same zipper pull on the rear pocket that is used on the front.

The Final Say

The Funkier WV1506 lives up to the statement on Funkier web site. “Funkier Bike's cycling apparel includes professional elements from the world of fashion - they look good and feel fantastic.” The Funkier WV1506 is one cycling garment that should be in every cyclist seat pack, just in case you need a little more shielding from the wind and safety in low light situations. I am sure you will be seeing more Funkier Bike wear on the road and trail in the future and can be purchased online at http://www.funkierbikeusa.com/Wind-Vest-Yellow_p_80.html or ask your local bike shop to carry Funkier Bike apparel.

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