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Full Gas Aero Red Camo

Review: Full Gas Aero Red Camo

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We Liked

The Full Gas Red Camo Aero Jersey from The Pedla is a pleasant surprise in a world with lots of jerseys choices. When you go looking for a jersey nowadays you have a lot to choose from. I would say that most of the Jersey out there are a Solid color or panels that are solid colors. There are not a lot out there that have a pattern. And then you really don’t want a camo jersey unless it's a bright one. The Pedla delivers on this one! So let's dive into why this jersey is so great. Also, Most of the big companies make jersey that are not made for the trim racer, rather they have a more general loose cut.


How the jersey cut is very very important. 30 years ago there was really only one type of cut for a jersey. Now there are several different cuts of jersey that are available. This makes sense because cyclist come in all different shapes and sizes. If you are a full size cyclist then this jersey is not for you. If you are a racer then this jerrys is definitely for you and you will appreciate the anatomical cut. The jerseys feels like it's painted on you but it's not restrictive. When I was on the hoods or drops the fit felt really natural to me and very comfortable.


Today's fabrics are really different than they were 20 years ago in cycling. It use to be lycra was the go to fabric for a cycling jersey. Now we know that a all lycra jersey, is not necessary a good thing. We know that thermodynamics plays a big part in performance. The fabric for this jersey is more thermoregulation orientated. This is possible with the advent of other types of fabric combinations so you can get the best of both worlds with a jerseys being aerodynamic and will keep you dry and cool. Like the name suggest the fabric has dimples aiding in its aerodynamics and its SPF +50. The side panels are made from Ultra Breathable active fabric that is also UV +50 protection. So to me there was thought and purpose in the placement and use of fabrics in this Jersy.


Cammo should never* be a cycling jersey is my stance. Roadkill is not fast. You don't want to be hit by a car. And I still stand by this. However I hoped that you noticed that there is a astrick next to the word never. My exceptions to this rule is that it’s fine if it’s a bright color. So the bright red camo pattern is really nice. It's a pattern that is not Obnoxious to look at and you mainly see the overall color of red and the white bar and not the pattern.


Some of the great features are the sleeves are set in and are a nice extended length. The jersey has a invisible YKK elite full length zipper with a snap-down puller. Pedla also added silicon grippers at the bottom of the jersey which aids in hugging your body and not riding up. If you get caught in low light conditions Pedla added a 3M Scotchlite rear reflective stripe. One thing that will ruin a jersey is if pockets are not done corectly. Pedla did not skimp on the pocket construction. There are 3 reinforced rear pockets that are just the right size.  

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

There are a lot of new jerseys that are coming out of Australia these days. The Pedla delivers on Fashion, Form and Function with the Full Gas Aero Camo jersey. It's a winner on a lot of fronts. If you are a racer or someone that is fit then you will love this jersey. You will want to ride hard and you will love how this garment contours your body. If you are not a trim rider then this is probably not the jersy for you.  

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