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Flanders Wool Base Layer

Review: Flanders Wool Base Layer

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We Liked

We get a lot of base layers in at Cross Bike Review.com and so we don't give all of them a 5 cow bell rating as we will only reserve this for only the best. This showed up at our door and my first thought was Luxurious! Castelli wanted the customer to know that they are getting the best and one thing that they did was to send that message in the packaging. The box that this elegant base layer came in was nothing short of first class all the way. the box was a heavy cardboard that could almost double as body armor. Next Castelli borrowed from the fashion icon of putting red on the bottom on exclusive hand made shoes and boots to putting it on the inside of this box. This is the only box that I have seen that uses magnets as its latching system. No tape to close it up. You wont want to get ride of this box. We are going to re purpose it for other cycling small stuff.

Now on to the base layer... Pulling out of the box you can tell that this is wool. There is noting mistakable about the softness of the material that Castelli chose. We have gotten other wool base layers in and we love them too BUT... This base layer will make you think your wearing your favorite pajamas on a cold winter night while you sit next to the fire and sip hot coco. There is a reason that "Flanders" is in the title of this garment. You can tell than even though its light to the feel that its warm and only meant to be worn in cold conditions.

Chinese meets Italian style! Most everything is made in China now and this garment is no exception. However, it was designed in Italy and so it has the unmistakenable style of Italy. You will find yourself reaching to wear this on its own and with only a jacket when you go out. Even though its a cycling base layer we think that its so good looking that you can wear it on its own.

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

Do you love cross? Do you Pray for mud and fear not the wind and rain and relish in the hard conditions that come with fall and winter? If you do the Castelli Flanders wool base layer will be your choice on AND off the bike. To us it says that we don't care that its cold and wet outside and we want to rip your legs off and give them back to you with a nice little bow with a polite smile. I think that every time we wear this that's all we think about is cyclocross. The Flanders Wool Base Layer is well made and the heaviest wool base layer that we have seen and worn so far. From box to product Castelli did a first class job from start to finish on this one. The big question is will they have enough?

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