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EUREKA Bib Shorts

Review: EUREKA Bib Shorts

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We Liked

Quality: Santini is a company that has a long history in cycling. Its a family affair with this company. So you know you are getting hand made clothing out of Italy and not out of some sweat shop in Vietnam. I just happen to know the person that runs the day to day operations of Santini and there is something to be said about the quality control when you can stand up walk down the hall and down the stairs to the production floor and talk directly to the person that is sewing the shorts together. This is why any time you purchase Santini clothing you are getting the best handmade cycling clothing from Italy. We have never had any problems with the QC in any of the garments that we have reviewed.

Fit: Again this goes back to being hand made in Italy with great quality control. I love the way these shorts fit. Some of this is the fabric and some of it is the cut. Either way there is no munching, pinching anywhere that would make you uncomfortable. When you put them on it feels like you put on your favorite pair of flannel pajamas.

Fabric: The shorts are made from this fabric called BeHOT. When you read about this fabric the description says that it generates heat. What? Well I brushed over it and didn't think too much about it. But after wearing it in the cold 35 degrees and being warm I decided to look into it more. Well apparently this fabric is made by a company called Sitip and they use this technology that when the fabric is stretched it actually generates heat. I have included a screenshot of the test that shows the thermal image of the fabric. I must warn you though about this fabric. I wore the shorts at 65 degrees and I was too warm in them.

Function: These shorts function really really well at temperatures of 50 and lower. If you wear them in warmer conditions you will be too hot. We have tried them in various temperatures and found that they work best in the 30's to upper 40's. Its really amazing how warm they really are. We put the leg warmers with the tights on a rainy day and even though the Aquazero treatment was a disappointment we were warm. The leg warmers were soaked through at the shin BUT we were not cold at all. Even though we were wet we were comfortable.

We Didn't Like

Aqua Zero: So here is the only thing that I don't like about the fabric and it's really the treatment that is on the fabric. Santini uses Aqua zero on some of their line. When I found about about Aqua zero years ago I got really excited. However, this is not really to be used in the pacific NW. If you getting rained on consist of rain for 5 min and then the roads are dry in 10 min. Then Aqua zero will not disappoint you. However, if it rains the entire time you are out on your ride then you will want something else. Now with that said Aqua zero on the shorts is actually a good idea. You don't get a lot of spray like you do on your shoes and lower legs. And in a cyclocross race the treatment will keep you cleaner a little bit longer. But that is it. So just keep that in mind.

The Final Say

Do you ride all year long? Do you ride in cool or cold weather? Race cyclocross? Then you know how important having the right clothing is. Being cold on the bike is no fun. Santini Eureka bib shorts will have you saying "Eureka" because the Behot fabric is nothing short of amazing. Its super comfortable and super warm. I can remember "back in the day", going out in the winter for a ride in tights and having to stuff newspaper in them to stay warm. Those days are over! Not only is this short super warm it's also super comfortable to wear. That means that you can ride all day long and that is a good thing. If you're not comfortable on the bike you're not going to want to ride for very long. Its hard enough to ride for extended periods of time in cold weather. However, These shorts are pretty awesome in the cold weather and is a must have in your bike bag. I would recommend that if you get these shorts that you go ahead and get the leg warmers as well. This will give you the warmth of heavy tights and you won't feel restricted as you would with a pair of heavy tights. We have a pair of the leg warmers and the two together is unbeatable for cold conditions.

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