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Endurance Bib Shorts

Review: Endurance Bib Shorts

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We Liked

We went over to the Castelli faciliy here in Portland OR and visited with the President of Castelli Greg Cowen and picked up a pair of these shorts. I could tell right away that these shorts were very high quality and very well made. And after several months of riding in them on a daily basis I can say that my inital impressions were spot on. The Endurance bib shorts have Castelli's Progetto pad and it was truly a experience. I am usually good for a 3 hour ride and then I start getting unconfortable in the saddle. Not so with these shorts. This pad really works. You can turely spend hours in the saddle with this pad.

The other thing that was innovated about these shorts was the gripper. Grippers started out as elastic with thing rubber threads that were exposed and gripped the leg. Then they went to silocon at the end. The Castelli Endurance bib shorts have it intregraed into the fabric so the actual fabric cuff is grippy. There is no raised section from the gripper to the fabric. This means a better fit and no more silocone or gripper marks on your leg after your ride. No more Funny shapes aorund your thigh form the shorts!

Other nice features are 4way flat lock stiching that ensures a smooth transition between the differnt sections. The Microfabric is truely high quality and very form fitting with out being constrictive. There are also reflective insersers on the back of the leg on the cuff that adds a level of safety to the shorts. All of these are very nice touches that you would see on shorts costing much more.

We Didn't Like

This did come out sooner..

The Final Say

Castelli is a company that has been around a long time and prides themselves on making high quality and innovated cycling clothing. They stand behind evey single piece of clothing that they sell so much so that Greg made a point to take me back and show me the returns that they have recieved for the year. If your not happy with it for what ever the reason they will exchange it. Oh and there were only a hand full of things in the return bins. I saw 4 bins and they each had about 4-5 items in them. Not a lot considering the scope and volume that they do. So the compmany rocks customer service and so do the shorts. I wanted to see if Willy Wonka was back in the back working with these guys because this short is the "All Day Gobstoper" of the short world. Get a pair and they will become your favorite short.

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