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Dopers Suck Jersey

Review: Dopers Suck Jersey

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We Liked

Super cool graphics adorn this jersey including World Champion stripes on the front and back including 1 sleeve. A strong message on front chest, one side panel and right shoulder just in case some one just might miss what you are trying to say.

We hate cycling clothing that fits like a plastic bag and flaps in the wind. When this happens you look like your wearing another persons clothing. This is not a good look. The Dopers Suck jersey has a athletic cut to it. This means you will look pro. When you look pro, your look great no matter the speed.

Super material, the jersey is made from 100% polyester microfiber and that means that its S O F T. The microfiber will also wick sweat away from your body to the surface of the jersey where it will evaporate. Thus, not only will you look super cool but you will be cool at the same time.

We Didn't Like

Pockets were a little small to carry all of our drugs (EPO, DHEA, Testosterone etc..)

The Final Say

Twin Six is a great company and they have been producing high quality avantguard cycling clothing for us that want to express ourselves in something other than a pro tour kit. the offer several styles of clothing that reaches several sub cultures of cycling. This particular jersey is awesome because not only does it come in a black or a white but its in your face with a very strong message. The cool graphics only ad to the messages against cheating. The only thing that is keeping this jersey from 5 cowbells is the pockets were a little small for the medium that we got. Otherwise we love it. Dopers Suck!

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