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Confronto Jacket

Review: Confronto Jacket

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We Liked

Light weight

Does not appear to be water proof but it is!

Sleeve length is generous

Elastic cord keeps the heat in

Two vents located behind the neck on the back between the shoulder blades. In addition to that the jacket has 2 water proof zippers with reflective piping on them.

Jacket is lined with a moisture manage mesh.

Silicon grippers on the very back of the jacket helps keep the tail all the way down to protect your backside

Lots of reflective piping. Usually we are a little uncomfortable with some of the colors that Castelli offers their rain jackets in because they tend to be all black.

Castelli style

We Didn't Like

No rear zipper pocket? There are very few things I would change on this jacket and this is the first one. You need some kind of pocket for your stuff. And the funny thing is this jacket looks like it has one but it is absent.

It only comes in a very limited color range. But this is fairly typical of Castelli. Usually what will happen when they introduce a new tech jacket to keep the cost reasonable they only offer it in 1 or two colors. Then after a season of sales then they decide if they will expand the color range. So its no surprise that we would like to see this jacket offered in some bright colors. I personally think a pink or a robin egg blue would be really nice and visible.

The Final Say

So the bottom line with rain jackets there are 3 things that I am looking for, Material, Fit and Features. Lets start with the materials. I would give this material a "C" for its waterproofness. The Confronto jacket is made from a a very high tech Torrent fabric that is water proof. But its not a plastic bag. Remember it needs to breath. This fabric hits the performance scale at 10,000 for water proof ness and 8,000 for breathability. There are 5 ratings of waterproofness and the Confronto jacket hits no 2 on the waterproofness chart out of 5. 5 is the highest rating you can get in a high tech fabric. See the chart in the gallery. Next is the fit. I give this jacket a "A" on its fit. Its athletic with longer sleeves and that is a big plus for me. Features is our last one and the Confronto jacket has lots of them. Lots of reflective piping, water proof sipper vents, a long tail with silicon grips, elastic draw cord. But it does not have a back pocket and comes in a mostly black color scheme. And those two things are what keeps this jacket from scoring a "A" in this category. We give it a "B+" for its features. So what does this all mean? The Confronto jacket is a great jacket with lots of style and features and is perfect for scattered shower days or light drizzle. But it you get caught out in a rain storm you will need something else.

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