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Chain Ring Hoodie

Review: Chain Ring Hoodie

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We Liked

We recently received The North Face Chain Ring hoodie. It retails for $75.00, and comes in 4 colors; black, graphite grey,fig green, and deep water blue, which is the color that we received. Our hoodie had contrasting bright orange piping, and while I could do without the the North Face logo blazoned across the chest of this hoodie in bright orange, I do think the chain ring, set as a logo in the company's "Cryptic" line, is well done, and should appeal to all ages. There is also a North Face logo stitched on the right shoulder blade. People will know coming and going North Face made this hoodie.

Our hoodie was made from polyester, 72% of which is recycled, for all earth friendly enthusiasts. The inside of the hoodie feels like a warm felt blanket. When wearing this, one will immediately feel warm and comfortable in any kind of weather. There is triple stitching which feels quite durable. Since the inside of the hood will be exposed to elements, the stitching is actually double stitched with grosgrain ribbon, in the same deep water blue color. The exterior of the hoodie has a sheen to it, giving it an upscale feel. You could go from race to restaurant with ease. The orange piping is well done and looks like it will maintain it's bold color after numerous washings as will the front logo and chain ring logo which are applied well, and have a rubber feel to them.

The hoodie was worn on a weekend outing recently, in which the weather went from sunny, to mild rain, mixed with wind. It held up nicely, and was quite comfortable in all weather changes. The hood, when used, kept the head quite warm and comfortable and fit well. The cuffs on the sleeves were tight, so much that it actually made the skin itch a bit. Sizing seems to run small, as our hoodie, which was a size XL, actually felt like a Large. The zipper worked effortlessly on the jacket. It has a metal pull that can be easily used if wearing gloves. The front pockets easily could accommodate large hands and other small items.

This is a North Face item so quality is top notch. It is everything you expect it to be. Performance of this article will easily match expectations and should provide the wearer years of satisfaction, thus making the $75.00 price a good value.

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The Final Say

North Face enter the cycling market a couple of years ago and is now producing after ride clothing. Any one that knows the quality of North Face will not be disappointed in this hoodie. Whether you are hanging out with your buddies watching the other categories turn themselves inside out for an hour Or at the coffee shop to hang out. The North Face hoodie will keep you warm in cycling style.

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