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Castelli Pioggia 2 Shoe Cover

Review: Castelli Pioggia 2 Shoe Cover

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We Liked

The Castelli Pioggia 2 is made from great water proof and wind proof material. Its a stretchy material that is a laminate. But usually this type of material is usually one sided. This means that the laminate materials have nothing on the back side of them. However this ones does! The Pioggia 2 has aNice brushed fleece lining that keeps your feet nice and toasty warm. Finding this material on the inside of the shoe cover was a nice surprise.

Another feature that we liked is that Castelli put not just any old zipper on this bootie. They actually put a fully waterproof zipper on it. This ads to the seal and the water proof ness of the bootie. Not stopping with the zipper the guys and gals at Castelli also added areinforced the toe and heel to this great cover. This is a great feature and adds life to the shoe cover as we all know that they don't last more than 2 to 3 seasons due to wear.

I am all about looking euro now a days. It seems the Cool Euro color now is white. These shoe covers come in white or Black. We went with the white because it stands out and we think its very euro looking. If your spending the day out in the elements you might as well look good.

We Didn't Like

Sadly, the place where the bootie falls short is that it does not go high enough up the ankle. "So what" you ask. Well rain gets in booties either through the material or from the top. The material in the Castelli bottie stops the elements so the place where the water gets in if from the top. Gravity causes water to fall down. If you are wearing rain pants then when you pedal there is going to be a part of your pedal stroke that will expose the top of the bootie and then water will get in from there. But you said that it had a silicone strip at the top. Yes! The Pioggia 2 do have that but it is not large enough and when you pedal gaps form in the seal and water gets in or your socks get in the way and then you have a capillary effect and the water is drawn in via your sock.

We thought the Silicone strip around the ankle was a good idea. And it is actually a great idea! However, the execution of this great idea fell a little short. The strip is pretty narrow and at first glance appears it would do the job. It doesn't and the silicone seal needs to be wider on the inside of the closure to better seal out the elements.

Finally the last thing I didn't like nor understood was the orientation of the Velcro closer. The orientations is towards the front. So the excess is left flapping against the wind in the direction that you are moving. Now, I know that at this point aerodynamics are out the window but I want that Velcro to stay close and having the wind tug on it to open it up just does not makesense to me.

The Final Say

Castelli is a great company that takes great pride in producing high quality cycling apparel. The Pioggia 2 is a good winter fall shoe cover and scores high marks in this category. However, it does fall short in medium to heavy rain conditions. If you are going out and get a little wet you should be fine and this means Light rain showers that don't last very long. The good news is that Castelli is all over it and the Pioggia 3 coming out this fall is a vast improvement in this bootie. If your not going to ride in the rain that much you will love this shoe cover. If you ride in the rain all of the time then this shoe cover will disappoint you.

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