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Castelli Gabba WS LS jersey

Review: Castelli Gabba WS LS jersey

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We Liked

So I got this jersey in the mail and I was really excited to see if the Gabba Long sleeve aero race jersey would live up to all of the hype. I had checked the weather for the day and it was perfect. The weather channel was pulled up on the ipad, double checked against the local news station KOIN 6, they both said the same, cold, afternoon rain showers, heavy at times with some breaks. Time to suit up and take one for the team!

True to Portland the weather was right what it said it was going to be. No sooner than I roll out the drive way and on to the street the first drop hit my arms. I felt it hit my arm but it was not there when I looked. Had it bounced right off? Sure enough more fell and I watched with great delight as the drops hit and fell right off. Along with the water falling of so did any of the apprehension that I had about the days training ride. So one ride in the books big deal right? Any garment can be great for one ride. Well as I write this I have it for over a month now and I love this thing so much I got another one. Even after a month of wearing the jersey 2-3 times a week in the wet for at least and hour and a half, some times 3 hrs. I am not disappointed at all.

We had some questions about the fabric of the garment. We wanted to know how to care for it, what we should and should not do for it. So we sent in our questions and we got a response back from Italy on it. Apparently, the fabric is from GORE's X-Lite fabric line. It has a DWR but also has a barrier under that. So they tell us that it will last based upon washing conditions and abrasions. Castelli also told us that when its water protection deteriorates to freshen up the DWR by either throwing it in the dryer or going over it with a warm dryer. Pretty cool I must say.

We Didn't Like

There are very few things not to like about the Gabba LS jersey very few. If I was to change a few things on it I would make the side vents just a little bigger. and I mean wider not longer, and put slightly bigger pull tabs on them. But then again it is a race aero jersey.

Currently you can get the Castelli Gabba aero race jersey in 3 options black , a safety Neon Yellow and CUSTOM! I would like to see this Jersey in some other colors like a Sky blue, Red or even a Pink for the ladies even though it is not offered in a woman's cut as of yet. I would wear any of those colors.

The Final Say

If you are the person that will train in any weather or race in any conditions then this is a MUST have. Now go back and read that first sentence again and again. The Gabba LS jersey is a solid performer and is absolutely one of my favorites that I now own. Even though the Gabba jersey is available in black, neon yellow and custom we do feel that it should be available in a few additional basic colors like blue, red and pink. This jersey sets a new standard for high performance foul weather cycling gear that is aero. So much so that I think after getting one you will go back and get another one as it will become a go to garment. Castelli can sell these in a 2 pack?

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