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Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Glove

Review: Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Glove

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We Liked

Great fit. When you first pull the Castelli CW 6.0 on your hand you will instantly feel how good of a glove it is just by the fit. Nothing says I pay attention to detail like getting a glove to fit your hand just right. The glove followed the contours of my hand and fingers like they were on a map of the earth program. Only the program was the back of your hand and how it moves.

The next thing that you will notice is the materials that the glove is made out of. The back of hand is made out of a thin neoprene that has wavy ridges that are made from thicker neoprene that offer some protection to your hand. One of the hardest things to do with a glove is where your hand articulates. So at the knuckles Castelli uses a nylon mesh so when you bend your hand its seamless. This is one of the reason that this glove works as well as it does. Its one thing to just put the glove on but the true test is how it works when you are moving your hand.

We absolutely Love the amount of silicone grip that is on the CW 6.0. Most glove companies don't put that much grip on their gloves and I wish they would all take note of what Casteilli has done with the CW 6.0 This allows you to have no slippage on the handle bars or when you have to grab the top tube and go over a barrier.

We Didn't Like

The palm is perforated (bunch of holes) and so even though this increases the gloves breathability it also means that its not a cold weather or winterweather glove. I would like to see this glove taken up a notch just a little bit to make it more for cooler and damper conditions. Even though the back of the glove has the protection on it. Its where the rider grabs the bars and the bike where they will be picking up the cold water from the race. This is what keeps the glove from getting 5 cowbells. Even the tags say that its HIGHLY breathable.

Secondly, The sides of the fingers are also made from a highly breathable mesh, essentially a summer weight material that you can see though. Unless the fabric is magical I don't think that the Cold/Winter rating that Castelli gave it on its website is not accurate at all.

The Final Say

Once again Castelli has made another great product. Castelii got it right by putting all of that silicone on the palm and the fit is awesome. The combination of neoprene on the back of the hand, the summer mesh between the fingers and the perforated palm making this a great late summer early fall glove. However, giving the glove neoprene on the back and then telling us its a winter glove is not accurate. If you were to race with this glove in the winter you are likely to get frost bite on your fingers and hand. I don't know why Castelli has this glove listed on their site as a rating of cold and winterly rating. Cool, yes. Cold/winter NO... Please don't think I'm bagging on the glove just because the temperature rating of the glove on the web site is not accurate. Otherwise its a great glove just not for the entire cyclocross season.

Hup hup!

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