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Betty Designs Tattoo Cycle Jersey and Short

Review: Betty Designs Tattoo Cycle Jersey and Short

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We Liked

One of the reasons I originally joined a bicycling team was because I needed new jerseys and shorts. The kit came free with my membership. Now, a few years later, I own so many team kits it's not even funny! Yes, they wear out, especially when you crash a lot or mountain bike, so there has been some attrition from the collection. But it's hard to argue with highly functional and comfortable clothes designed specifically for your favorite sport.

Sometimes you just want to wear something other than your team colors. But many generic jerseys and shorts are a little too safe and boring, or they're trying to be attractive but sort of miss the mark and look sedate and frumpy. Or, the colors are dated. Please, no more baggy 90's light magenta, teal or purple jerseys!

Fortunately Betty Designs has the cure for boring jerseys. Behold the Tattoo Kit for Women. Printed on a raceworthy, well fitting and comfortable kit that looks great on women of all sizes, the beautiful and eye-catching artwork speaks to athleticism, smarts, bravery and strength with a nice big dose of humor and femininity. I love that Betty Designs is all about in-your-face girl power, but it's not at all sappy, smug or cutesy. It's more real and cooler than that, just like all the athletic women I know. The "kick butt" words across the butt is awesome, so are the skulls and butterflies on the front of the bikini bottoms.

Betty Designs knows sports. And fashion. Founder Kristin Mayer is an accomplished Ironman triathlete, talented graphic designer and loving mom. If anyone knows how to combine sport at a high level with a busy work and family life, it's Kristin. I'm thrilled she found an outlet for her love of sports and creativity to produce such cool athletic wear.

I love the cut of the kit, from the jersey's sleek longer torso and sleeves and full length zipper. I hate it when other jerseys ride up my back or above my shorts, that's not a good look for anyone. The flat seams throughout the short and the wide leg band makes the shorts extra comfortable, and the chamois pad is just the right size and thickness. I'm usually pretty sensitive to seams and tags, even wearing t-shirts inside out or cutting out offending tags, and so far, no itchy spots in the Tattoo Kit.

I also love the other designs from Betty Designs. From casual hoodies, T's, visors and hats to tri suits, athletic cut swimsuits, armwarmers and even an aero bicycle helmet, Betty Designs is about high performance as well as fashion. There are even a few bold offerings for guys. Even her website is smart looking and easy to navigate.

We Didn't Like

I'm reaching here... I wish the jersey came in a lighter weight fabric more suited to summer weather! And I wish I could afford one of everything Betty Designs offers ; )

The Final Say

If you are looking for some refreshing and beautiful changes of kit scenery, and still want the high performance function you're accustomed to, look immediately to Betty Designs. They cost more than the cheapie version of your kit or typical generic stuff at your local bike shop, but the Betty Designs apparel is well made and comfortable, on par with high-end kits. As a gift or a special treat, a Betty Designs kit is a worthwhile option.

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