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Base Layer Windstopper Shirt Long

Review: Base Layer Windstopper Shirt Long

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We Liked

Let me start off by saying that the Gore Wind Stopper long sleeve base layer is Super light weight! This garment almost weighs nothing in the hand. I would almost say its magic, but I don’t believe in magic. So when it came race time I didn’t feel like I was weighted down with some heavy base layer. How this thing is constructed is that they took a summer weight fabric and made it into a long sleeve base layer and then they added their winds stopper fabric to the front of it and then curved it around the lover back.

With that said Gore decided to put the Wind Stopper fabric over key areas. Most companies when they do a wind blocker they only do the chest. GORE took it 2 steps further. Not only did they put their world famous wind stopper on the chest they also added it to the shoulders, sleeves and the kidneys! This tells me that they were paying attention and listen to what people were wanting.

We Didn't Like

The only thing that I would change on this one is to make it with a regular color. Right now it has a scoop neck and so it’s a little low on me. It really comes down to taste rather than a rule. I personally prefer a color that hits me on top of my collar bones.

The Final Say

The cyclocross season can get cold and when you are racing you don't want a lot of heavy bulky material. If the temperature outside is at that point where its cool and a little breezy but not really "Cold" and you need a little something to keep the chill off and that will also let you not over heat then this is the garment that you should have in your bag. Its lightweight, totally wind proof and its very breathable. We love base layers like this as we can use them under just about anything to increase the temperature range that you can race at comfortably. You can use it on its own alone or when the temp drops more you can use it under another base layer for more protection. Nicely done Gore! Hup up!

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