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Adidas Women's Terrex ActivOnTop

Review: Adidas Women's Terrex ActivOnTop

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We Liked

We can count on Adidas for great looking, highly functional apparel and accessories. The brand new Women's Terrex ActivOnTop lightweight top is no different. I love the styling, the unusual but attractive color, long torso and flattering fit. The "ClimaCool" fabric does everything in the sweat wicking department you'd expect. The ventilated panels work well too, they're strategically located in places that get pretty sweaty. The Terrex ActivOnTop is very well assembled, with no itchy seams or unfinished edges. It's a very well thought out top for working out and jogging on nice days, and under a jacket in cooler weather.

I especially like how the Adidas Terrex ActivOnTop is the perfect amount of shirt on moderately to very warm days, I was concerned that it might be too light and too airy with all those ventilation panels, but it was perfect on a mild day. The balance between the thicker fabric and the mesh is

The best part is that though Adidas didn't seem to design this top for bicyclists, it actually is a wonderful shirt for mountain biking! On longer rides I usually wear a hydration pack, rendering my jersey pockets useless anyway. The Women's Terrex ActivOnTop didn't include back pockets in the first place. And the mesh panels vented well even under the pack itself and the shoulder straps.

I also like the tall collar. On all but the hottest days I like to keep that closed, because I've had bugs and rocks fly down the front of my shirt. No bees yet, fortunately, I'd rather them not get into my sports bra in the first place!

We Didn't Like

Even though the Adidas Terrex ActivOnTop works great for mountain biking, I wish it did have rear pockets because it would make the top a lot more useful for cyclocross training or road riding.

Adidas would probably need to strengthen the bottom edge to support the weight of all the stuff that would end up in those pockets, and then it would probably be a different top altogether. But at the same time, it's nice having shirts without pockets for running and working out, who jogs in their kit jersey unless they're racing in a triathlon!

The Final Say

The Women's Terrex ActivOnTop by Adidas is a worthy addition to your workout wardrobe. Even better, this top is a great gift idea -- how fun to have somebody else to purchase it to your wardrobe! The distinctive color and attractive fit make you feel like you're dressing up for your workouts.

I'd probably use the ActiveOnTop more for working out than for biking, since it's a very nice top and I'd hate to ruin it with all the wear and tear that happens on a mountain bike. My jerseys usually get trashed within a ride or two. if I don't catch a branch on the trail I'll probably snag it on my own gear.

Though expensive, I love the attention to detail and thought Adidas put into the Women's Terrex ActivOnTop. You are getting what you pay for, even if it doesn't do quite everything.

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