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2XU L/S Thermal Compression Top

Review: 2XU L/S Thermal Compression Top

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We Liked

We are impressed with the fabric that the 2XU garment is made out of. Now that's kind of a generic statement to make right? Well, the reason(s) I like this fabric are it has not worn out in almost a year. So, its pretty tough stuff. Its held up to wearing it about 3 times a week for a year and its still warm and tight. This means that I can have the warmth with out the extra fabric folds or the extra bulkiness that other garments have. A lot of compression garments will lose their elasticity over time. However the 2XU top does not. This goes right into my final thing that I noticed about this garment. Because of the Raglan sleeves in its construction the 2XU Thermal Compression top allows unrestricted movement as I am zipping through the single track of Powell Bute Park. So you can see there are lots of things that I like about this garment and the fabric. Compression garments have been around for a while and have been brought in to athletic performance in the last 7 years and I'm sold on their worth.

We Didn't Like

There is not a lot to complain about with this piece. Its warm and and its very supportive for the upper body and we did notice that our upper body didn't fatigue as quickly as it normally does. So that right there means that we can go just as hard as we normally do with out getting tired. The only thing that I would recommend to change on this garment would be to lengthen the back and give it a little more of a tail. Or maybe even add a little gripper to the tail of the shirt to prevent it from riding up.

The Final Say

When you out there in the cold weather of cyclocross and your turning yourself inside out, getting tired is not something you want to happen to your upper body. When your upper body gets tired then you are slow to get on the right line or avoid a rock or a rut and the next thing you know if your picking yourself up out of the mud and trying to get going again. Better to have the 2XU Thermal compression top. Not only will it keep you warm but it will support your upper body so your muscles wont get tired and you can be at your best. This is one of those pieces that is going in my race bag. Nice Job 2XU

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